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Why Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Marketing on Twitter requires you understand the power of social networks and its implications. Social networking offers some of the best opportunities for expanding your network and influence in a cost effective manner. In order to understand how to effectively market on Twitter and why it’s important to buy real twitter followers, you should understand some of the key psychological principles that drive social networks.

Social Proof

Social proof is one of the six principle influencers of the seminal work by Cialdini “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” Social proof is the concept that the more people are doing something, the better it must be. When you see a large lineup outside of a restaurant, you automatically assume it must be a good restaurant. The same principle can be applied to Twitter. When people see that there is a large number of followers – they assign positive social proof to your product or business.

One of the easiest ways to get more twitter followers and increase your social proof is by buying twitter followers. It enables you to have that all important social proof to influence your customers to do business with you.

The Network Effect

Another key principle to understand is known as the Network Effect. The Network Effect is the more followers you have; the easier it is to get more followers. It’s just like the concept of the more money you have, the easier it is to make money. It also shows that sending out tweets to your followers helps to increase your distribution because you connect with your followers on social networks.

Imagine you send out a tweet to 10,000 followers. If each of those people shares you tweet with two people on average, your actual reach is 30,000 people. This is one of the reasons people buy followers. It helps them to get the ball rolling. The more activity, followers, and excitement you can generate on your twitter account, the more attention you will get. Your reach, influence and brand power expands as your network increases. This is a great reason to buy twitter followers and then acquire more followers naturally.

Massive Market

According to, Twitter has over 550M users and is growing by 135K users per day. Imagine the potential business that lies at your mouse. Twitter has become a force of nature, with Tweets featured in the media every day, to it being used in every major political campaign in America. Quite simply Twitter is a strong media, just like getting on the news, but you get to control it. You can expand your audience; you can expand your reach. You can also send out news and start conversations any time you like. That is a powerful tool for any marketer.

Buying twitter followers helps you to capture a substantial share of the market to get you started. With this network your tweets will be able to spread like a virus and get new real followers to your account every day. You will have easier access to potential social networking partners, and can make deals to tweet about each other.


If your brand is promoting itself as an important and well known company, then having a small Twitter account could be a negative element to that brand. So adding more followers to your Twitter account can help you to re-establish the consistent brand image you are trying to create. For example having your large twitter following visible on your blog could help to give blog readers the confidence in your expertise at whatever topic you are writing about. Through more Twitter followers you can build a stronger, more desirable image and stay consistent with your branding strategy.

Imagine if a famous person such as Rihanna or Cher had a Twitter following of a few thousand people. Or what if President Obama only had a hundred thousand followers? People would be shocked and start to wonder if the candidate was really all they were cracked up to be in their advertising.

Being able to have a strong and powerful Twitter following has become a necessity for any celebrity. Without that following the celebrity loses their credibility and looks like a chump in comparison to other people. That’s why it’s essential if you are positioning yourself as a celebrity or your business, then you need that positive proof or you will fail to impress your prospective customers.

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Would your customers and business partners take you more seriously? You bet they would. Having a large following gives you prestige. Imagine if you had a business partner who came to you saying he wanted to make a deal. You checked his Facebook and Twitter, seeing he had 100,000′s of thousands of fans for both. Would that make you more excited to do business? You bet it would.

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